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The Giretti Winery in Gilroy, California was one of the earliest bonded wineries in California. The winery was established in 1912 by the Giretti family and continued operations through the early 1980's.  The winery was mentioned in the September 1978 edition of Sunset Magazine

In mid 1980's the farm was sold to a local homebuilder, this is when the small single wall farmhouse saw it's first major remodel.  At the time of the sale, the property was sub-divided into four ~3 acre parcels (a Giretti still lives on one of the parcels).

In the early 90's a local realtor and her family moved in, not much was changed during this time.

Around 1995 Chris was able to purchase this property.  In early 2001, after a year of planning, we began remodeling the house.  The remodel was completed in early September and shortly after we began landscaping the surrounding property into how it looks today.  

Main House